The Brunnen von Christus Group – Articles and Contributions

The Brunnen von Christus Group – Articles and Contributions

The Origins of TC Pubs

Trinity Chalice became the name for an esoteric study group that formed, between 1995 and 1997, around the book The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century, by Jesaiah Ben-Aharon (Temple Lodge Press, 1994), with particular focus on the role of the United States, and its Manhattan Project, in World War II. The eclectic group did not stay together long, however. After the publication of A Twentieth Century Trilogy: The Triad, Golden River, The Chalice, it was decided to at least retain and carry the name Trinity Chalice, and in 1999 TC Pubs was established as an imprint of Studio Editions for the purpose of publishing non-fiction, essay and art books. The TC Pubs logo (pictured) was also created in 1999.

It was not foreseen that the Brunnen von Christus sites would come under the TC Pubs domain, but this occurred when GeoCities announced that they would be discontinuing their hosting services. However, not only is TC Pubs an appropriate domain for Brunnen von Christus, it connects this work with the Trinity Chalice initiatives of the 1990's. The book, The Writing of the Heart, also brings forth, in new light, earlier efforts of two TC Pubs books published in 2000. This is noted in the Preface of The Writing of the Heart.

TC Pubs has also published Intuitive Meetings, Book I in 2005-06, and its complementary Book II in 2009, and still continues to offer, fully online, the book American Lives: War and the Quest, published in 2001.

Brunnen von Christus Sites and Links

  • Brunnen von Christus – Group – Introduction to discussion and serious work on "the Path of the Three I's" – Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition – through processes of "the thinking of the heart." Brief essays, literature, poetry and group profiles are included.
    See the March 2014 Updates for the Brunnen von Christus Group pages.
  • Lessons Along the Way - A beautiful book by Mark Haberstroh, including Short Stories, Poems, Inspired Thoughts and a Gallery of paintings and drawings. From the Dedication: "The work in this book finds its source through the esoteric path as set forth by Rudolf Steiner in Anthroposophy."
  • A Bright White Light, By Mark Haberstroh – Thoughts on hope and empowerment in a unique collection of philosophical insights.   (PDF PDF)
  • Brunnen von Christus – Articles – Two articles are offered on this site: The Atlantean Cataclysms and the Ages Following, and The Epic of Gilgamesh. The Atlantean Cataclysms article offers clear and concise descriptions of Rudolf Steiner's teachings on the great Atlantean Epoch and the cultural ages that followed. The Epic of Gilgamesh article includes history, language, Gods, literature, and spiritual scientific interpretations of the world's oldest epic.
  • Four Articles by Richard Distasi – Kali Yuga, Shamballa and the Year 2012; The Yearly Procreation of the New Jerusalem; The Word; Human Thinking in Light of the Living Water and the Bread of Life.
  • From Cratylus to Aristotle – Heraclitus and Cratylus – From the Sixth to the Fifth Century Before Christ. Including the Essenes, the Greco-Persian Wars, the Philosophy of Heraclitus, the Seven Sages, and the Temple of Artemis.
  • Lives of Schionatulander and Saint Thomas Aquinas – Exoteric and esoteric Christianity. Schionatulander, a contemporary of Charlemagne, in legend and history. Friar Thomas: biography and historic time period.
  • Rudolf Steiner: Into the Future – Including: Out of the Past, The Abraham Epoch, East and West, The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Cultural Ages, The Apocalypse of Saint John, and The Seven Seals. (PDF PDF)
  • Brunnen von Christus – Rudolf Steiner Returns – From wellsprings of Being, an affirmation of a contemporary spiritual relationship.
  • Brunnen von Christus – Soulscapes – An article by James Gillen titled "Celebrating the Year in the Day." The wondrous and harmonious working of nature, cosmos and the four seasons in the course of a day.

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