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Dramatic Resources

Studio Editions Dramas:

Three Unusual Scientists is now on-line! - the trilogy Three Unusual Scientists, One-Act Plays: John Keely, Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell, the three great American "new energy" scientists.

Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury's original, lively mega-portal:

Glastonbury is a unique small town. It has a long history as a pilgrimage place - it's the real Avalon. Nowadays it is a 21st Century mecca - home to many interesting people. Taste Glastonbury's lively character by wandering round this website!

Twentieth Century Trilogy - The Triad, Golden River, The Chalice:
three one-act mystic dramas concerning the life and esoteric work of Wellesley Tudor Pole.

Dale Pond:

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely's Sacred Science

Additional Resources:

On-Line Books - With 18,000 + listings.

Temple Lodge Press - Publishes books by writers who combine spirituality with a scientific approach.

The Chalice Well Trust - an ancient and sacred place, full of legend, symbolism and atmosphere, where history has no beginning.

Brunnen von Christus Group - sharing experiences, contributing research and carrying a new consciousness.

Atlantean Cataclysms and the Ages Following - Rudolf Steiner, Brunnen von Christus Articles, Brunnen von Christus Group, The Atlantean Cataclysms and the Ages Following.

The Epic of Gilgamesh - He Who Saw the Deep - an article that surveys the scholarly and scientific work that has been done on the Epic over the past several decades, and includes spiritual scientific interpretations of the Epic.

Rudolf Steiner Returns - An affirmation resonating from wellsprings of being.

Brunnen von Christus - soulscapes - Celebrating the Year in the Day, by James Gillen.


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